About Coast Cooking


My name is Jesslyn and I founded Coast Cooking in April 2017.

Coast Cooking was originally a recipe-sharing website dedicated to the ‘home cooks community’ on The Sunshine Coast, BC, Canada. I took some of the most international, authentic recipes from the home cooks I know and featured them right here on Coast Cooking.

Presently, Coast Cooking features a collection of international recipes not just from the kitchens of home cooks on The Sunshine Coast, but from home cooks all around the world.

By creating this website, I hope to share my recipes with any new or existing home cook who loves tasting and creating dishes from around the world. I assure you that all my recipes are simple, hearty, and most definitely achievable for any aspiring home cook.


The recipes

A handful of recipes are from my own kitchen, thanks to my frequent travels and exposure to different types of cuisine. My inspiration comes not only from the seasonal produce I buy, but also from my experience living in different countries throughout my life. I come from one of the most cosmopolitan, multiracial countries in the world, Singapore, and I have traveled and lived in other countries such as Europe, Canada, and South Korea for extended periods of time. These experiences have allowed me to savour some of the best foods the world could ever offer.

Coast Cooking’s collection of international recipes truly epitomizes the cosmopolitan food culture in Singapore (where I was born) and Canada (where Coast Cooking originated). From Chinese to Irish recipes, you’ll find a lot of international cuisine here.

As I have decided to set foot on yet another place to live (and am no longer living on The Sunshine Coast), I now document recipes that come from anywhere in the world.


How Coast Cooking began

I was living in the town of Gibsons on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. I moved here from Singapore (a tiny and sunny coastal island) in March 2017.

Being a newcomer had its challenges. I was a relatively shy individual and the cold temperatures outside kept me inside most of the time, so I ended up cooking a lot. Cooking was a source of comfort to me and allowed me to have a little taste of Gibsons, just by handling and cooking local produce.

My first friend in Gibsons encouraged me to get out more and interact with others. Soon enough, I came out of my shell and was invited to a couple dinners with new friends. We cooked for one another. This time, cooking brought me comfort in a different way. It allowed me to open up by sharing my food creations with others, and allowed me to understand them through their food as well. Sharing and learning how to cook different types of food from others brought me an immense amount of joy.

Since then, I really wanted to give back to the community, and decided to start a small one right in my very own kitchen. I combined two of my skills (coding and cooking) by creating this recipe website.

I strongly believe that food is a universal language that bring people together. It’s even more powerful when you create it with your own hands, and pass this creation on to others.

Join me by sharing your recipes on Coast Cooking.


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About Jesslyn

Jesslyn is the website developer, designer, recipe creator, and food photographer behind Coast Cooking. She’s an experimental individual who loves to get hands-on for anything she’s passionate about. She’s learnt to code from scratch and mastered the art of brewing/roasting micro batches of specialty coffee. She loves to travel (and live in different countries) and takes pride in being the self-proclaimed “most efficient suitcase packer ever”. She’s also an animal lover, a beer aficionado, and a video gamer.